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Welcome to the ISKAR hunting reserve site

We are glad to welcome you to our website. We provide our customers with everything they need for successful hunting, recreation, and amusement in the wild - from hunting knowledge and ideas for good entertainment, to weapons, ammunition, and a variety of tools and entertainment equipment.


The reserve is located less than an hour drive from Sofia. It has an area of 4 700 hectares and occupies the entire right corner of Bulgaria's largest artificial lake - Iskar Dam. The air here is extremely clean and horse riding enthusiasts can be lost in pristine nature. The reserve has full equipment and extensive terrain

to give you the opportunity for an exciting ride

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The area has low hills that provide great opportunities for walking and galloping on green meadows and pastures, as well as a favorable hunting ground. The reserve has a rich flora and fauna and offers great game diversity.
red deers
fallow deers
wild boars

as well as wolf, fox, jackal, martens, wild cat, baum marten, badger, and several bird species.

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The whole area is fenced, and the reserve includes coniferous and deciduous forests, pastures and meadows where you can move in any way you choose - on foot, by car or riding a horse. It offers not only paradise for the sportsmen, but also brilliant opportunities for

hunting, horse riding, tourism, swimming, fishing

On its territory there are two small lakes where you can swim, fish or just relax in the beautiful views. If time allows, picnics, barbecues and outdoor parties can be organized.

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