Horse-riding tourism

We would like to introduce you to the perfect holiday for those who love horses and riding.

We are focused on delivering high quality riding to our guests by offering full equipment and extensive terrain to give you the opportunity for an exciting ride. We are especially proud of our horses, many of whom have been raised and trained on the reserve. Especially for horse riding, 30 pure-bred horses from East-Bulgarian breed are grown.

Upon your arrival, you will be taken to the place where a horse will be selected for you. However, if you feel that you are not doing well with the horse you have chosen, it may be changed. If you are a beginner to get started, you will move more slowly to gain knowledge of your horse and its habits. We do this to find the best combination between our horses and your skills and preferences.

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The area has extremely clean air.

The terrain of the reserve is sloping and relatively flat with low hills that provide great opportunities for walking and galloping on green meadows and pastures. The flora consists of coniferous and deciduous forests and meadows where you can move at whatever rate you choose. The riding is led by a guide. Excursions on horse for 1-2 days outside the reserve boundaries can be organized at extra charge.

We can provide suitable horses in the best condition for all our guests throughout the season - regardless of your level of experience. We offer the following programs:


It can be organized for a different number of days, according to the customer's request, for a minimum of 4 people and offers riding on the territory of the reserve.


Transfer to and from the reserve



Full Board



If you are an experienced rider and adventurer who loves the challenges, tours in the nearby Rila Mountain are just for you. They are horseback rides or just mountain excursions. The tours are organized from May to October.
They can be organized for a different number of days for 2, 8 or 15 days for a minimum of 4 people and offer the following options:

  • OPTION 1
  • Transfer to and from the reserve

  • Horse

  • Guide

  • Night

  • Full Board

  • Accompanying car

  • 352 BGN
  • Reserve
  • OPTION 2
  • Transfer to and from the reserve

  • Horse

  • Guide

  • Accompanying car

  • 235 BGN
  • Reserve
  • OPTION 3*
  • Transfer to and from the reserve

  • Horse with harnessry

  • Guide

  • Horse for luggage

  • Forage

  • Accompanying car

  • *When hiring a horse with harnessry and a guide, the other options and route are optional and can be changed.

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  • RILA TOUR 8 days – ISKAR hunting reserve (HR) , Borovets resort, Granchar hut, Treshtenik hut, Semkovo resort, Macedonia hut, Rila Monastery, Rila Lakes hut, Lovna Hut, Vada Hut, Belchin, ISKAR HR
  • ISKAR HR - Borovets resort, 2 days 2 days
  • ISKAR HR - SARAGYOL 3 days (architectural landmark from 1914)
  • ISKAR HR – ZAVRACHITSA hut 4 days

Ride our well-trained horses, relax in the peaceful nature and enjoy the fresh air and unspoiled beauty of nature!